Over the past three months I and a group of students have been working toward May 16th, the official launch night for the Neutral magazine. Since the very beginning we all had a very clear image of what we wanted the theme to be and that was Propaganda, so sharp colours, powerful imagery with a grainy feel to it all. We wanted it to stand out from the past edition and I think that we managed to achieve it.

This year’s edition features a lot of different types of articles from fiction pieces right through to current issues in society like racism and the ‘ideal image of beauty’. All of it though is a showcase of the talents that the students of this university past or present have and it’s been a pleasure to work alongside them. Co-ordinating the launch of the magazine hasn’t been without some stress at times but I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every aspect of it, from my weekly meeting with the students to working with the design agency. It’s been a brilliant experience for me that I am honoured to be a part of.

Hope that you enjoy the magazine as much as I’ve enjoyed making it.