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A Stranger Kind

When a young mistreated and undermined bartender is abused by her colleague and ignored by her father, she is visited by a strange man with a dark secret. As he teaches the father and colleague a lesson, he proposes two options for the young girl… Fight or flight?


As the film begins we are introduced to the characters. The mistreated damsel, the uncaring boss/Dad, the leering and harassing colleague and the creepy and unsettling stranger. With the dark setting and uneasy score the audience is thrown into the stereotypical conventions of a thriller.

The film had both sinister and eerie qualities which made the piece a really intense and enthralling watch. However, it was the comedy that brought a refreshing take on an over abused genre which kept the audience enticed throughout. The idle pace for this short made the gruesome and unholy parts more effective.


However, the characters’ lack of costume change even when it was made known that it was a new day was off putting. In the ordinary world that this is set in a costume change on a new day is a natural occurrence. In this instance however, that is not the case. The cinematography was well thought-out and executed. The lighting was fitting to the genre.

With all of this in mind the piece was indeed a brilliant watch. The crew and cast were all admirable and clearly talented.

All Photos are Credited to Ollie Murray, A Stranger Kind courtesy of Orofena Films and Aesthetica Short Film Festival.